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The APEX Awards recognize Colorado’s technology excellence, highlighting remarkable leaders and innovators. Since 2001, the Colorado Technology Association has hosted this prestigious event bringing together the community and celebrating the exceptional people, companies and accomplishments of the year. We encourage you to take time to celebrate your wins – it’s important! Learn more about 2017’s APEX Awards celebrating the best of Colorado Tech in the Denver Business Journal. Check out 2017 APEX Awards and Red Carpet photos here.

Company Awards

  • This Colorado-based company’s overall performance sets it apart as a leader in its market. It shows profitability from sales of its products and/or services, strong financial growth or return on investment for its investors and/or shareholders, technical innovation and concrete examples of how it is meeting a need in the marketplace. The company  also is a strong leader in the community and shows corporate responsibility.

  • This is Colorado’s most promising technology company in operation for 5 years or less. Each company will be judged on the initiative it took in creating, promoting or advancing the product or service offered; the technical innovation of the product or service offered; the need in the marketplace for the product or service; and the acceptance by customers of the company’s product or service. (Must be headquartered in Colorado.)

  • This project implemented by an innovative IT department achieved successful, measurable results. Nominees will be judged on the following criteria: solving a business problem, strategic objectives, innovation, value/impact for the company or industry, risk-reward benefits, overcoming obstacles, meeting goals and team or internal collaboration.

Individual Awards

  • This legislator’s efforts make a real and measurable impact on the advancement of Colorado’s technology industry.

  • This individual has made outstanding achievements and commitments to furthering innovative technology in our community and the state, and has contributed to the initiatives of Colorado Technology Association.

  • This creative, innovative and determined founder or CEO leads a Colorado-based tech company to success. In addition to the daily role of leading their company, they work to drive the vibrancy of the tech economy beyond their business. CEOs from all company sizes are eligible to be recognized for their leadership and contributions to the Colorado tech community.

  • This outstanding chief information officer (or anyone holding technology leadership role at a Colorado-based company or department) has demonstrated considerable ingenuity in leading an IT team and implementing technology projects that demonstrably improve the effectiveness of their organization.

  • Effective security is mapped directly into the business it supports. This innovative CISO has implemented a security program that accelerated the success of her/his Colorado-based business. Utilizing people, processes and technologies, this security leader has positioned the security program to deliver on the core mission of the organization. CISOs from all company sizes are eligible to be recognized for this award.

  • This entrepreneurial leader in the community has contributed to multiple businesses, with at least one as a tech company started, grown and operated in Colorado. They may be an investor, founder, coder, marketer, maker or doer, but this entrepreneur has a true passion to seek out problems to solve, and is one who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise.

  • This educator’s efforts make a real and measurable impact on students and their understanding, passion for and use of technology. They are employed as a teacher, instructor or professor, and either currently teach a technology-based curriculum to Colorado students or leverage technology to teach students in new and innovative ways.

  • This student’s efforts are making a real and measurable impact on fellow students, his or her school and the local community. His or her understanding, passion for and use of technology is exceptional compared to his or her peers. This Colorado student either currently studies technology or leverages technology through a club or community group to advance technology education and innovation in unique and impactful ways.

  • This individual’s efforts are making a real and measurable impact on building and strengthening the technology talent pipeline in Colorado. They actively lead and support initiatives that are helping build and ensure a strong local pipeline of qualified workers for technology companies and IT departments across the state. Local pipeline development requires a keen focus on inclusion and diversity, so the work of this champion should promote inclusive excellence through positive communication between persons of diverse backgrounds, demonstrate efforts to promote an environment free from bias and discrimination, and create opportunities to promote diversity, respect and inclusiveness.

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