What’s the dress code?

Business Cocktail (dressy but not black-tie; business wear is ok).

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced at the awards dinner on November 9, 2016. Join us to find out who is recognized for each award!

Is financial information required to complete the nomination?

The nominees tend to be private companies and we understand the confidentiality of financials; however, the Apex Awards objective is to recognize successful companies in Colorado. Qualitative and quantitative data is requested to prove success and growth of a company. If no quantifiable information is given, the nomination will not be as competitive. The only category that requires financial information is Technology Company of the Year. Judges and staff are asked to sign confidentiality agreements and no nomination is published or shared.

Do nominees need to be headquartered in Colorado?

The Apex Awards are designed to recognize and promote the Colorado technology industry. To be eligible for Company of the Year and Startup of the Year, the company needs to be headquartered in Colorado.

Can I self nominate?

Yes! Self nominations are encouraged. You know your company best. Some nominees utilize marketing and PR agencies. Work with your marketing department or a 3rd party agency.

How do I nominate?

It’s easy! Nominations are received online. Please submit via the appropriate online form(s). Tip: Copy and paste all the questions to a new document, so you can edit freely; then when finished, you can go back in and paste your answers.

Can I nominate for more than one category?

Technically you will be judged for all categories as judges will select the best company for each category. If you are striving for a particular category, tailor your answers to that category.

Do nominees receive a discount to attend the awards program?

As the Colorado Technology Association, we are proud to recognize Colorado’s technology companies and professionals through the Apex Awards. Colorado Technology Association is a not-for-profit association that is supported through memberships. As a not-for-profit we must cover the costs of each signature event through sponsorships and ticket sales. This requires us to ask our nominees to purchase tickets for this event. As a membership based organization we price our tickets at member and non-member rates, so members always received the greatest discount. However, nominees are the highlight of the show and therefore we extend a special discount to our non-member nominees. *Teachers will receive a complimentary-hosted ticket.

What if this isn’t our best year?

Judges look at overall success and strategy, not just current projections.

Is the nomination process time consuming, because I don’t think that I have enough time?

The nomination doesn’t require much time and if selected as a winner, can give a great return for minimal resources. Engage the marketing department; often times you can reuse and tweak information used in investor reports or other already made materials.

Is the information confidential?

Yes! All judges are required to sign confidentiality agreements.

What if we don’t win?

Each year is different and includes different candidates. It’s important to apply every year, so judges see continued success. Much is gained just by nominating.

What if I’m not the marketing person?

You don’t have to be a marketing professional to write a nomination, you just need to believe in the company or person that you’re nominating. If you give yourself enough time to go back and make changes, your passion will eventually come out in your writing.

What if I want to nominate my client, but I don’t know everything that should be in the nomination?

Nominating your client (whether the company or the person) does take a little more planning. Call or email your contact at the company and let them know you would like to nominate their company, then schedule a coffee or lunch. In the meantime, read and print out the nomination form. Though you may already know the company, do more research and write down points you want to make sure you include in the nomination. Then, at the coffee or lunch you ask them questions in the areas that you’re missing.

What if we do most of our business outside of Colorado?

Global companies can still promote local awards. It shows true leadership and community involvement. What customer wouldn’t want to see their vendor win an award?

What if I want to nominate my company, but I don’t want to seem overconfident by self-nominating?

It’s OK to show the world your company is successful!

Who are the judges and how are they selected?

Judges are key thought leaders in the Colorado technology community who have expertise related to the categories they are judging.